Brunette reveals her “Future Lover”

Armenia has officially released the song and the music video for “Future lover” performed by Brunette who is the author of the song. The music video was directed by Aramayis Hayrapetyan.

"Future lover” is a poetic canvas, a letter with no addressee. I remember once scrolling through my phone and seeing this beautiful quote which was such a simple yet beautiful thought that immediately inspired me. The words turned into a melody and a whole range of emotions just exploded out of me. Throughout our lives we’re all looking for the one - the future lover, the embodiment of our dreams, ideals, fears…”,- says Brunette.

“For the second year in a row, we at AMPTV are excited to use this opportunity and lead the path for young and talented singer-songwriters from Armenia to the world’s biggest stage - the Eurovision Song Contest! Brunette is a true artist, with a very unique style and energy, that is transmitted through her every single performance. notes the head of the delegation of Armenia David Tserunyan “I’m confident she will make us all proud and find her place in the hearts of millions of Eurofans, just like she did in ours. We are now working with our colleagues, creative directors Marvin Dietmann and Ross Nicholson to create a performance like no other. “Future lover” is an artistic, cinematic expression and we can’t wait to showcase it on the Eurovision stage in May.”

“When a singer is the author of her own song, she will better express her feelings through the music, the chemistry between the audience and an artist becomes more organic. The structure of our song is a little bit out of the box this year which makes it even more mysterious. Brunette here is able to demonstrate her vocal skills, and “Future Lover” is all about her style. We tried to stick to her from her signature style and she even raps in the song”, - says Anushik Ter-Ghukasyan, Music Producer of the Public Television Company.