Iveta Mukuchyan will spread LoveWaves on Eurovision Grand final

Last night Iveta Mukuchyan had a stunning performance in the first semi-final of Eurovision Song Contest, on Globe arena in Stockholm. Iveta is among the finalists: she will present her LoveWave in the Grand final on May 14th. The second semi-final will take place on May 12th.

At the press-conference following the semi-final one of the Swedish journalists asked the representative of Armenia Iveta Mukuchyan, "Why did you choose to raise the flag of Artsakh in the green room. The flag which is one of the most politically charged ones in Europe. In response Iveta Mukuchyan answered, “You should not forget that I represent my country, my heart and my thoughts and emotions. All my thoughts are with my Motherland. The only thing I want to say and spread is peace on the borders. Armenia wants peace. This is the reason I have written this song wishing to spread LoveWaves. I live in Germany, but I am Armenian, you know, I am international. I grew up like this. I only wish to spread love. That is the reason I raised the flag, and because I really want people to focus on the issue of peace.”