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Initially taken from a contest among the Scandinavian countries from 2000, EBU has decided to extend the contest to Europe. With the already popular song competition, the Eurovision Song Contest, it was decided by EBU and MGP Nordic to host the first contest in Denmark after their experience with their own contests. Unlike the ‘adult’ Eurovision Song Contest, there are less participating countries, and the host country for each following year is chosen regardless the previous year’s winning one, although from 2012, the winning country has a right to choose whether they would like to host the contest. 

The rules of the contest do not differ from the initial Eurovision tradition. However, there is a number of restrictions that make the contest unique. Children aged 10-15 are able to perform in the contest. The lyrics of the song must be in the national language of each country, with a few additional lines on another language. 

As the number of countries is fewer than in the ‘adult’ version, the event takes only one show to complete. The voting system is also similar to the Eurovision version of the contest, with 50% of jury and 50% of tele-voting.  This year the contest will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria at the Armeec Arena. 

Armenia has been participating in the Junior Eurovision since 2007 and has always reached good results. In 2010 Vladimir Arzumanyan won the contest with the song ‘Mama, and brought the Junior Eurovision to Armenia. The music group “Arevik” (2007) and Luara (2009) have placed second, while the “Compass band” (2012) and Betty (2014) came in third. 

This year the world famous Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015 will take place on November 21 in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. The official slogan this year is ''#Discover''. The contest will be held in the Armeec Arena, which was built in 2001 and has a capacity of up to 8.000 people . World famous artists like Lady Gaga, Sade and Tom Jones have performed in this arena