Sirusho’s Surprise to Genealogy

Armenian famous singer Sirusho,who represented Armenia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008, surprised ESC 2015 Armenian band Genealogy. She visited the band during one of their rehearsals, got to know them, and shared her Eurovision experience and impressions.

Sirusho recalled the heavy workload she had during the year she was participating, the endless rehearsals, promo tours and impressions. She advised Genealogy members to focus on their performance and not to think of something else, “No matter what you do, people will be thinking that it should have been done in a different way. You should not be paying attention to that. Do whatever your heart tells you to. Sing your hearts out.” She also added that it is a great pleasure to be the member of Eurovision family. 

Sirusho also highlighted the importance of the artist’s personality on the stage, “Your personality matters a lot – probably one of the most important things. Just be yourself.  Let people see who you really are,” said Sirusho.

Welcoming Armenia’s this year’s concept she wished Genealogy good luck, encouraged them and assured that if they believe in their strength and sing their hearts out they will definitely have a memorable, impressive performance and great success. Genealogy members thanked Sirusho for visiting them and sharing her experience. Participants also noted that they would do the maximum to have the best performance on the stage; they will not be 6 people on the stage – they will represent 13 million Armenians.

At the end of the meeting, Genealogy members and Sirusho sang various songs together and recalled some famous songs.

Sirusho represented Armenia in 2008 with the song “Qele-Qele.” She took the 4th place. Currently Sirusho actively continues her musical activities. Recently she released a song called “Where were you”, you can hear the song here