NEMRA Armenia
  • Song

    I Am A Liar

  • Composer(s)

    Van Yeghiazaryan

  • Writer(s)

    Van Yeghiazaryan


The band was formed in 2012. The members are Van Yeghiazaryan, Vaspur Yeghiazaryan, Marianna Karakeyan and Marek Zaborski. Nemra’s genre is alternative rock and Armenian folk music with original interpretation. Six years ago, the band sang in pubs and clubs, while now they perform on the big stages of Armenia. In 2015, they represented Armenia for the first time in the annual festival Voice of Nomads in Russia. The band’s songs have six consecutive victories in Radio Van’s annual VMA contest. The band has one album, Mubla, over 30 songs, 8 music videos.

“My biggest achievement are Nemra’s song and Nemra fans.”

“We dream of performing in London’s Wembley Arena.”

“We discovered the planet NEMRA in the universe and populated it with nemrians.”